Privileges when choosing FlypayPro

Quick Loan almost completely solves the limitations in situations of borrowing a small amount of money, but facing obstacles related to procedures or disbursement time.

With just one touch on FlypayPro, open a quick “shortcut” to help you borrow online without having to move a single step!

Diverse loan packages: Provide diverse loan packages with payment terms up to 18 months and competitive interest rates.
Installments: Allows customers to pay the loan in installments.
Simple profile: No need for complicated paperwork, no need to prove income.
Quick browsing: Quick browsing in 1 minute.
Fast disbursement: Receive disbursement to MoMo immediately after loan approval.
Trust and security: Reputable lending unit, information security.


In order to create favorable conditions for customers to transact and prevent arising fraud (if any), the Company respectfully announces:
We only have 1 website: Information about hotline, payment instructions, and email is shown on this website.
Customers ABSOLUTELY do not make payments to any other personal or organizational accounts on behalf of FlypayPro or similar. FlypayPro conducts customer consultation and appraisal over the phone. NO contact at the office.